Free Boot Camp For Beginners: From Boot Camp to gym champ

Hey Oklahoma city!

We are doing a new program but it has limited spaces! 

"I would love to get in the gym but I just don't know what i'm doing!"

"I plan on starting at a gym after I get some of this initial weight off !"

Do either of those sound like something you've said? If so then you're who we're looking for.

Our philosophy: Gyms are where it's at. Boot camps can be great to get started back, but if a person learns to push themselves in the gym then there's no reason to spend a lot of money on boot camps. We want to teach you how to push yourself using the boot camp atmosphere WHILE learning to use the gym equipment.

What's it cost:

$99 per month boot camp fee (refundable if you lose just 10 pounds)
$35 per month gym membership (one year commitment)

How our program works:

Everyone will need to be both a gym member and a boot camp member. Our goal is to get you in the camp and get some initial weight off and teach you how to push yourself hard. You need to come in ready to work, whining is allowed since we all do it, it's not going to make us take it easier on you though :).

Whatever time slot you sign up for, we will have classes at that time every weekday Mon-Fri. The last two weekends of your month we will provide the class with a day and time that we will be taking everyone on the weight floor to teach you how to use the gym equipment. We will go through A LOT of pieces. We will answer everyone's questions and teach you as much as we can. THIS is a big highlight to our focus for you, the member. Our goal is to not keep you in a boot camp, our goal is to get you out of the boot camp and get you comfortable in the gym.

How do I get my boot camp money back?

We will weigh you on orientation day and the last day. Everyone who comes in and loses 10 pounds in a month, you will get your $99 for the boot camp back. It's really as simple as that!

What do you get with your gym membership?

24/7 access to the most up to date equipment at all (4) Four Star Fitness locations

Free tanning

Free childcare

Free classes 

On orientation day we will show you how to use all the cardio equipment so you can hit any of our 24/7 locations when not at camp. Classes will be held at our downtown location which is conveniently located by I40 and 235. This is for MOTIVATED people only. If you have got to a point in life where enough is enough and you're serious about getting back in great shape, then we would love to have you. This program is to give you the kick in the butt you need and teach you enough to get you started and from there teach you what's needed to continue on your own. 

Do not sign up if :

You hate fun

You love excuses

You don't play nice with others

You are not motivated to change your body and life.

For the rest of you still reading this...You are the people we want in this program! There is only availability for 20 people per time slot, so if interested

please don't wait. 

Please provide the required field.

Click here to start on a new you!

We are excited to have you, after you sign up look out for an email or call from us.


Can I do the boot camp at any location?
Currently the boot camp is only being offered at the downtown facility. This is one of our most central locations. You need to remember that we don't want to keep you in boot camp a long time. We want to help you get off to a quick start and set you up to do your workouts at whichever facility is closest to you.

Can I take the boot camp more than once?
You can take it however many times you like. It is $99 per month but if you lose that 10 lbs you will get that money refunded.

What ages are allowed?
We accept anyone 13 and up, however anyone under 18 will need to have a parent come in and sign a consent waiver.